Complete Holy Quran

- Quran Recitation by famous Qari Shahriyar Parhizgar
- Qur'an is Arabic & Recitation with Arabic Voice with beautiful Othmany Script. Translation into English, Farsi, Swahili, French, Turkish, Spanish, Malay & Indonesian.

Qibla Direction
Qibla direction indicator for more than 3000 cities.
Duas (Arabic Voice & Text)
- All the Duas of Mafateh Al Jenan
  (English & Farsi Text Translation)
- Famous Dua of Arafah of Imam Hussain(a.s)
- Dua-e-Kumail - Nud'bha
- Tawasul
- Ale Yasin - Meraj
- Ziyarat-e-Ashura - Iftetah
- Jowshan-e-Kabir & Others
Sahifeh Sajadiya
Of Imam Ali Ibn-al-Hussain(a.s) English & Farsi Text with voice in Arabic.

All 54 Dua's with Arabic Text English & Farsi Text Translation. (click for more details)

Azan & Salat Times
- Adhan in 15 voices from various
  mosques in Iran.
- Automatic five daily prayer alert.
- Option for more than 3000 cities.
- Set Adhan sound as prayer time alarm.
- With 5 different famous voices.
Other Features
- Built-In AC/DC adapter jack and
  battery change function
- Built-In Speakers.
- Wallet & A/C Wire
Tartil Quran by     DUAs In Hajj
- Shahriyar Parhizgar
- Abbas Imam Jomeh
- Mohamed Sadiq Manshawi You can choose which voice you want to hear
  - All DUA and Ziyarat In Hajj with Arabic Voice and text into Farsi, English.
Tafseer of Quran     Hadith
- 3 Tafseer Book in Arabic, English & Farsi Text. Farsi
– Tafseer NEMOUNEH (Grand Ayatollah Makarem
   Shirazi) English
– Tafseer POOYA (Grand Ayattolah Pooya Yazdi) Arabic – Tafseer MOBIN (IBN Mognia)
    - 1760 Hadith from 14 Masoumin in Arabic text and translate into English and Farsi from SHIA and SUNA books
Other Features     Some more features
- Repeat each page for memorization
  of quran
- Easy Chapter Index
- Backlight
  - Qiblat
- Asmaul Husna (Names of Allah)


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